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Hi and welcome to the RAIBC web page which contains 'Tutorials' for the 'Reading Rattle'.

If you landed here by accident then you may not know what the RAIBC is or does. Well it is an organisation with helps those interested in Amateur Radio who have disabilities to get the most from their hobby. And the 'Reading Rattle' is the organisation which provides audio versions of a number of technical magazines to the RAIBC, allowing those with a sight impairment to continue to enjoy their favourite magazines each month You can learn more by going to the web site at www.raibc.org.uk .

You can left click on either the RAIBC or the PDF symbols to play the video or view the PDF but remember the video may take a short while to load onto your computer. Or and probably better you can right click on the RAIBC or PDF symbols and then select to download them to your computer.

Once downloaded you can print out the PDF file and use it together with the video to follow the tutorial.

All videos and PDF's on this site are the property and copyright of Ian Spencer and may not be downloaded or copied without permission.

The '4' steps to creating a Reading Rattle audio magazine

Tutorial Video

Tutorial PDF

Tutorial 1 - Creating Folders on Drive 'C'

Tutorial 2 - Configuring Audacity

Tutorial 3 - Intro to Audacity

Tutorial 4 - Audacity Quick Mix

Tutorial 5 - Audacity Editing

Tutorial 6 - Audacity Volume

Tutorial 7 - Installing Razor Lame

IMPORTANT NOTE Please watch the video at least once before downloading the software.

Tutorial 8 - Using Razor Lame

Tutorial 9 - Using MP3analyse

IMPORTANT NOTE Please watch the video at least once before downloading the software.

Tutorial 10 - Using WINZIP

Tutorial 11 - Using FileZilla

Tutorial 12 - Bits and Pieces

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