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To anyone with a birthday this month or anniversary this month.

A proud Tom with his first Karate Trophy/Medal and Certificate

At last a photo of our Stuart taken  Christmas 2015

Muriel and the whole family on her 90th Birthday in July 2015

Tom and his confirmation in 2015

with Mum and Dad and Nanny and Grandad

Daniel, Ben and Isobel Christmas 2014

Some photo's from Ann and Barry with Kieron in front of the house and Jonathan enjoying a visit to the coast.

Toni with Aya-Jai

Nikki with her shiny new toy

Click on the picture to see a video of Tom Swimming

Tom flying his helicopter - just click on the 'pic' to see the video

Tom's first day on ski's - just click on the 'pic' to see the video

Barbara and Malcolm with Julie in Cologne cathederal during their visit in October 2008

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