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OpenGD77 Useful Links

Below you will find 3 useful OpenGD77 links. The first one is the OpenGD77 User Guide, the second is a link to additional OpenGD77 voice packs in various languages and the third is a link to the Radioddity firmware which you need when following Tutorial 2.


OpenGD77 Voice Packs


OpenGD77 Driver

OpenGD77 Revisions

Version 7.3E
This version fixes the bugs in the previous Beta release but it no longer has the SMS passthrough functionality in Hotspot mode, becuase  this was causing problems for normal operation

Version 7.3D
* Add Hotspot SMS passthrough function - Thanks for multiple authors including DL4LEX and Daniel for incorporating this change.
* Reinstate Private call alarm beep
* Add safe boot functionality (minimum functionality boot)
* Fix cursor Y position problem on RD-5R
* Fix Hotspot echo bug and change hotspot version number
* Fix DTMF tone cancellation problem
* Fix TimeSlot detection and synchronisation when TimeSlot filter is disabled
* Fix bug with edit cursor problems
* Fix voltage history plotting bug
* Fix phantom PTT tiggering bug
* Changes to hardware debug screen

Version 7.3C
This version has the following changes

* Fixes problem with satellite APRS frequencies
* Fixes volume control problems
* Adds Safe Boot mode (SK1 + 0) to be used when the radio will not bootup or bootloops.
* Fixes incorrect power level display on 10W radio versions
* Updates translations
* Fixes scan frequencies range boundary display problem
* Fixes voice prompt problem when replaying a prompt
* Fixes possible hanging problems associated with I2Cinternal bus contention
* Workaround for bugs in the C6000 DMR chip

Version 7.3B
Fixes an audio bug pluy a few other minor bugs. Needs the new voice prompt files.

Version 7.3A
Needs new CPS and voice packs
 * Fixes a problem with reading and writing to the Flash memory which causes the radio to run slower than it should.
* Fixes problems of the VFO and Channel screen sometimes being blank
* Fixes problems with AT1846S TRx chip register cache system
* Fixes problem when attempting to transmit DTMF in satellite mode.
* Fixes QuickKey problems e.g. in VFO Dual Watch
* Updated multiple translations
* Romanian added. Note: The latest CPS is required to be able to select Romanian
* Adds Force DMO open to DMR channels.
This sets a channel to operate in simplex / DMO even when the Tx and Rx frequencies are different.
The CPS has also been updated to support this option.

All users should update because of the bug in the Flash memory access.

Version 7.2L
This version changes the operation of the Last Heard screen
Pressing the Green button changes the TG to the TG of the currently selected line
Pressing SK2 + Green changes the radio to make a private call to the station

Version 7.2K
Added APRS Beaconing feature plus lots of bug fixes in the APRS code.
Install the new CPS ( with password) and then the new firmware and new voice prompt files.

Version 7.2J
Changes in this version
* Channel order in zones can now be sorted by distance, using the Latitude and Longitude data entered into the CPS.
This works for all real zones, but Not the All Channels zone becuase this is not a real zone
Distance sorting is enabled via the "Dist sort" option in the Quick Menu
In this mode the distance is displayed in place of the channel number
* Distance can also be displayed at all times by using the "Show dist" option in the Display Options.
* GPS functionality has been added to the GD-77, DM-1801 and DM-1801 firmwares
None of these types of radios was originally available with GPS, so  operators will need to fit a GPS module inside their radio, and connect the data and power control connections directly to the CPU chip
GPS data needs to be connected to pin 99 and power control to pin 97.  Becasue pins 98 and 100 are not used, it is safe, to bridge between 97  and 98 for power control and between 99 and 100 for data, and bridging  pins makes it far easier to solder to the CPU
I will make a separate post about retro fitting a GPS to the DM-1801 and GD-77
* Fixes and improvements to GPS course and accuracy display (Thanks to Daniel F1RMB)
* Czech language update
* Various other internal code changes and optimisations (Thanks to Daniel F1RMB)

Version 7.2H
There have been many other changes to the firmware and CPS
• Remove APRS Destination from CPS and now use APOG77 built into the firmware
• Add APRS ambiguity support in CPS and firmware
• Add APRS support for 'Fixed position' location Lat/Lon in CPS and the firmware
• Add APRS support for 300 Baud transmission.
• Add Location Lat/Lon support to Channel data in the CPS and support in the firmware
MDUV380 shows distance in km from radio location to Channel Lat/Lon on the Channel screen.
GD77 and MD9600 the distance in km is shown if button SK1 (P2 on MD9600) is held in.
Note. The distance does not currently update if the radio changes position until the channel screen is reloaded. This function will be improved in the future to automatically recalculate and redisplay the distance if it changes by more than 0.1km
• MD9600 now supports short APRS comments.
• Firmware character font – Add missing N/n with Caron (F1RMB)
• Fix frequency calibration bug on all radio types
• Change APRS Tx method. SK1 is no longer required to transmit APRS.
Channels with and APRS config set, will now only transmit APRS, not voice and transmission of APRS is triggered simply by pressing the PTT.
APRS Tx ends immediately after the end of the data even if the PTT is held in.
• Improve 'UI Notification' popup (F1RMB)
• MDUV380 only – Add volume control visual display, See Options->Display options-> Volume : Off/On (F1RMB)
• Stop GPS NMEA output when CPS uploads/downloads the codeplug or other data (F1RMB)
• Satellite mode APRS frequency will now only transmit APRS
It is no longer possible to send APRS on the 'Voice' frequency of satellites
• Czech language updates (OK2MOP, Pavel )
• Changes to APRS screen to remove Destination and add Ambiguity and Fixed position and 300 baud Tx
• CPS has been updated to remove non functioning Tevel 1 and Tevel 8 satellites
• Maximum number of satellites has been increased from 15 to 25
• Channels can now have Latitude and Longitude values

Version 7.2G
Changes in this version are as follows
• Bug fix APRS
• Bug fix boot screen problem
• Bug fix MD9600 1750Hz Tx problem
• Bug fix DMR TA decoding
• Add APRS setting to Channel Details screen
• Added +/- 4.6Mhz repeater frequency shift
• Improve MD9600 and UV380 1750Hz and DTMF tone indication through speaker
• Improve satellite screen.
Maximum number of satellites has been increased from 18 to 25.
More satellites have been added to the CPS, e.g. TEVEL2,3,4,5 etc. Some nonfunctioning satellites have been removed.
Each satellite now has 3 possibly frequencies: Voice, APRS and Beacon, by pressing keys 1,2 or 3
APRS configuration is now defined for each satellite via the satellites.txt file in the CPS
To customise an APRS configuation for a specific satellite e.g. "ISS" create an APRS configuration with the same name as the satellite, and this will be used instead of the APRS configuation for that satellite from satellites.txt in the CPS
APRS Tx is possible on any satellite frequency where the Tx frequency has been enabled, but transmitting on the "Voice" frequency of a satellite e.g. ISS wil not result in your position being sent to APRS.fi and will annoy anyone trying to use the Voice frequency of the satellite.
• Turkish language updates
• Czech language update
• Various other small bug fixes.
Very Important
To use APRS and Satellite mode in this version, you MUST update to the latest CPS.
downloads/CPS/Latest/OpenGD77CPSInstall ... .18.01.exe
In this CPS you will need to re-create any APRS configurations and link them to the appropriate channels, then upload the new codeplug into the radio
In the CPS you MUST upload new satellite Keps
APRS Tx will NOT work unless a channel or VFO has an APRS configuation.
There is no longer a default APRS configration in the firmware.
Remember also. For APRS you must enter your callsign into the CPS. If there is no callsign then the APRS transmission will not be valid.

Version 7.2F
Changes in this version.

- New GPS direction and speed etc screen (F1RMB)
- Turkish language update.
- Beep instead of voice prompt when GPS had fix, when voice prompts are not enabled (F1RMB)
- Tx Frequency offset function in the Channel details screen, By pressing Left / Right button on the Tx frequency (F1RMB)
- UV380 rotary control debouncing (F1RMB)
- Improve GPS NMEA data decoding (F1RMB)
- Various other GPS screen fixes (F1RMB)
- Improve Voice prompts on GPS screen (F1RMB)
- Fix MD-9600 scanning problems. Rotary control restarts scan on paused  channel, Up arrow sets currently paused channel as nuisance (F1RMB)
- Remove space characters from font data to save program memory space (F1RMB)
- Fix sunrise and sunset calculations, for use with the Day / Night theme (F1RMB)
- Fixes to Auto Night functionality (F1RMB)
- Fix β€"W+ power setting on Satellite screen (F1RMB)
- Automatically update realtime clock from GPS (F1RMB)
- Fix PIN code display when no theme is available (F1RMB)
- FM APRS Tx. Quick press SK1 while transmitting on FM - see also the new CPS (VK3KYY)


Version 7.2E
This version includes night mode display with brighness control in the Options menu and some bug fixes. This version uses a new CPS/Firmware/Voice Packs.

Version 7.2D
This version includes the following bug fixes and improvements

  • Italian and German text updates
  • Update Spanish Theme texts
  • Update Catalan Theme texts
  • Polish update from SP9EX.
  • Add Last Used Channel In Zone feature. The firmware keeps track on last used channel in every zone (AllChannels included) BIG FAT NOTE: it needs a new CPS .
  • No keypad beep option.
  • Handle empty zones.
  • Colin's DMR Private Call filter changes.
  • Monitor mode available when Reverse Repeater is enabled.
  • Add "Contact" edition in channel's details.
  • Change text "rx group" to "tg list" in Channel's details.
  • DMR filter "RxG" as been renames to "TGL".
  • Fix bootscreen auto-hiding bug.
  • Fix suspend on Satellite alarm pass
  • lot of bugfixes, code optimization and improvments.


Version 7.2C
This version must be installed using the latest CPS from my package.
This version includes the Calibration option to accurately calibrate you frequency and power. Due to the small screen the calibration in on more than one screen and you can move between them with SK2 plus up and down.
This version also includes the Talk around feature in the Quick menu so that when on a repeater channel you can put the transmit frequency on the receive frequency.

Version 7.2B
The DM1701 version has some changes to the keypad operation and calibration option but has been moved to the OpenUV380 folder as the 1701 is more closely related to the UV380 than the GD77.

Version 7.2A
There is now a version of the firmware for the DM1701 in the Other Radios folder and a new CPS which will work with the DM1701.

Version 7.1E
Minor changes and small bug fixes.

Version 7.1D
New CPS which allows the use of the new satellite FO118.

Version 7.1C
Minor changes to the TA function adding text to the position information.

Version 7.1B
this version contains a new CPS which allows you to select various TA option  in the channel informtion on a channel by channel basis. The default is master which uses whatever is  selected in options menu of the radio.

Version 7.1A
if you turn on Talker Alias in the options then the radio will transmit your  location as well as your call-sign which allows the networkk to plot  your position on an APRS map. This  works on the DMR+ network and in  Brandmeister if you go to self care and set your radio type to Hytera and GPS in Call to on.

Version 7.0S
In the CPS arbitary frequencies can now be entered rather than just 25/12.5 or 6.25Khz steps.

Version 7.0R
Firmware problem of not creating a new channel from the VFO correctly has been fixed.

Version 7.0Q
This fixed 2 bugs on the VFO screen
1. The Tx frequency was set to the Rx frequency when saving or writing to the radio, if the Tx frequency was different to the Rx frequency
2. After fixing bug #1 above, I found that  cross-band was still not possible, so that bug has also been fixed

Version 7.0P
New CPS to cure bug in selecting the Radioddity GD77donar file.

Version 7.0N
Quick keys have been added to the Quick Menu screen and a small bug fix.

Version 7.0M
New CPS with Ctr+u and Ctrl+d added to move items up and down in the zones screen.

Version 7.0L

It seems a few small bugs crept into the last version and have been fixed in this version.

Version 7.0K
some small bug fixes and you can now access the Quick menu using SK1 plus Green as well as the Orange button.

Version 7.0J
New CPS which allows you to use control u and control d to move items up or down when the zone list is on sthe screen.

Version 7.0H
A new CPS which allows you to move channels up and down in the Channels list window using Ctrl+u and Ctrl+d.

Version 7.0G
A new CPS which allows you to move channels up or down with ctrl+u or ctrl+d when the channels list is on the screen but only works in tree view and so is not really usable for the blind at the moment and there are also some small bug fixes in the firmware.

Version 7.0F
New CPS program bnut the only changes affect the MD9600/RT90 and not the GD77.

Versuib 7.0E
A new CPS program to correct a small bug in the use of the Radio ID field.

Version 7.0D
Automatic power off feature added. Needs both firmware and voice prompt update. Holding the # key while switching on brings the radio up in voicing level 3.

Version 7.0C
When carrying the GD77 in a backpack for example the volume knob can accidentally be rotated and turn on the GD77 so a new option is in the General options called Safe power on. If this is switched on then if you turn on with the volume control knob the radio just goes into suspend mode. To turn on the radio normally in this mode you need to hold SK1 while turning the radio on.

Version 7.0B
New CPS, Firmware and Voice packs. So you need to install all three. The CPS and GD77 Channel dedtails now allow you to turn on or off beeps and eco mode for each channel independently.

Version 7.0A
Colour code filter re-instated and renamed to Colour code scan, DMR RX AGC added plus RX Beeps and clear Last Heard with long press on # key.

Version 6.0R
same as 6.0Q but now a stable release rather than a beta.

Version 6.0Q
small bug fixes and improved scanning detection.

Version 6.0P
small bug fixes in the firmware and in the CPS program.

Version 6.0N
small changes to hotspot mode and bug fixes. Includes new CPS and voice prompts.

Version 6.0M
possible fix for GD77 crashing when CC filter turned off.

Version 6.0L
some small bug fixes and removal of the WDT option which is no longer needed.

Version 6.0K
some small bug fixes but new version of CPS, Firmware and Voice prompts.

Version 6.0J
some small bug fixes and location is now also displayed in Ma΄idenhead Locator format.

Version 6.0I
Some small bug fixes to try to fix the reboot a few people have experienced.

Version 6.0H
hopefully final fix for the rebboting problem.

Version 6.0G
New beta as a few people have reported rebooting and this version will hopefully fix the problem. However this only seems to affect a few radios.

Version 6.0F
Blind users should be aware there is a bug on the CPS channel screen when Radio ID is selected screen readers say Timeslot and when Timeslot is then tabbed too only the contents (usually 2 is announced) not the label. This problem will be fixed soon.

* Bug fix scanning in DMR mode with TS filter disabled
* Bug fixes to DMR ID database lookup
* Bug fix problems with backlight in Manual mode and start-up
* Improved CPS data transfer speeds
* Improved battery life, when the radio idle in Eco mode, or in suspend mode
* Time calibration option has been removed, because it is now longer needed.
* Squelch and power level changes now appear in a small popup for 1  second, on the Channel and VFO screeen, like they previously only did on the satellite screen.
* 16M byte Flash memory is now supported for anyone who wants to modify  their hardware by removing the 1Mb chip and fitting a 16Mb chip. (F1RMB  has made this modification to his radio)
* Upgrade FreeRTOS to v10.4.3
* CPS: filter out invalid DMR IDs
* CPS - DMR ID download screen now allows download from a user specified URL, with options of which fields to use from that URL, and the download from Ham Digital has been reinstated.

Version 6.0E 2nd October 2021
bug fix for voicing when PTT released in Satellite mode.

Version 6.0D 17th September 2021
this version includes a new CPS plus new firmware and voice prompts for OpenGD77 and also new firmware for Joe's version..

Versyion 6.0C  10th September 2021
New CPS Installer/Firmware/Voice Packs.
The multiple options screen at the top level have now been replaced by a single Options item with 4 sub menus.The Timezone value has been moved to the Display Options. Plus some bug fixes

Version 6.0B 6th September 2021
Some bug fixes.

Version 6.0A   4th September 2021
This version includes a new CPS plus firmware which supports Satellite operation with automatic doppler correction. You also need to upload a new Voice Pack..

Version 5.2G 20th August 2021
more changes from Joe see his reame file in the Joe folder.

Version 5.2F 7th August 2021
some changes and bug fixes from Joe. See the readme file in Joe's folder.

Version 5.2E 28th July 2021
some more small changes and bug fixes from Joe. See the readme file in Joe's folder.

Version 5.2D 26th July 2021
some small changes mostly to the Autozone feature. See the readme file in Joe's folder.

Version 5.2C 23rd July 2021
some small bug fixes and improvements for those with dexterity problems in Joe's version.

Version 5.2B 22nd July 2021
Joe has included the latest changes from OpenGD77 into his version - See his readme file in the Joe Folder.

Version 5.2A 12th July 2021
fairly major update to OpenGD77 with many new features and faster voice announcements plus of course some bug fixes.

Version 5.1L 12th July 2021
Version 5.1K 10th July 2021
Version  5.1J 7th July 2021
Version  5.1I 5th July 2021
Version 5.1H 28th June 2021
Version 5.1G 22nd June 2021
some new functions added in Joe's version see his readme file. Also some small bug fixes in Joe's version see his readme file.

Version 5.1F 18th June 2021
new firmware for the GD77S to solve problem reported by Martin WB5AGZ of transmit hanging. New beta's of Joe's version for three radios GD77,DM-1801 and RD5R.

Version 5.1E 15th June 2021
new version from Joe with the main change being the Priority channel option and there is now a seperate folder for joe's GD77 firmware and voice prompts..

Version 5.1D 13th June 2021
includes direct DTMF entry plus spectrum scope (probably not useful for blind users) and hold hash key when powering on to default to voice level 3. You need to upload new voice prompt file as well as new firmware.

Version 5.1C 10th June 2021
New version of the CPS which remembers where all the files are located when you start it rather than having to find them.

Version 5.1B 9th June 2021
some small updates for Joe's version and also includes Joe's GD77 Accessibility Guide

Version 5.1A 7th June 2021
the package now contains the newest versions of both the official OpenGD77 firmware from Roger VK3KYY and the verion from Joe VK7JS. It also contains the versions for the GD77S, the DM-1801 and the RD-5R.

Version 5.0B 5th June 2021
some small changes to the number of times you need to tab to get to the firmware upload buttons in the CPS so not only the CPS has changed but the tutorial 2 - Uploading Firmware PDF and MP3.

Version 5.0A 29th May 2021
this is the first version under the new licence and as parts of the firmware have been reweitten there are many small bug fixes plus a few new functions like Scan on boot and and Eco mode 5.

Version  3.1I  5th April 2021
small bug fixes in the firmware and small changes to the voice packs.

Version 3.1H 1st April 2021
the male and female voice packs now include voicing for Scan Dwell.

Version 3.1G 31st March 2021
small bug in vfo storage fixed and code plug upload problem solved. Scan step now called Scan Dwell but still not voiced yet.

Version 3.1F 29th March 2021
Includes scan speed selection in the options menu and some small bug fixes.

Version 3.1E 20th March 2021
some small bug fixes in the CPS Program.

Version 3.1D 13th March 2021
a change in the voicing of the VFO frequency to allow fasting movement through the frequencies for the blind ham and the last used main menu item is now remembered rather than going back to Zones. Plus some minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1C 5th March 2021
just a few minor improvements and a change to the voicing sequence for channel to say the mode after the channel name. Needs both new firmware and new voice file.

Version 3.1B 13th February 2021
many bug fixes and voicing for the new Eco level battery saver which now has levels between 0 and 4.

Version 3.1A 7th February 2021
power saving implemented to reduce battery current when in standby. This version is for normal DMR/FM mode only and should not be used if you are using your GD77 as a hotspot.

Version 3.0F 1st February 2021
small change because of increased BER which may only affect the DM1801 but has been included in the GD77 firmware as well.

Version 3.0E 19th January 2021
many small bug fixes and new beep warning if you are in voice level 3 and you receive a transmission which is not on the talk group you have selected. This can be annoying if you are monitoring a repeater all day (with many different talk groups being used) so it is not played in Level 1 but if you would like Level 1 functionality with the warning beep then select level 2.

Version 3.0D 28th December 2020
some small bug fixes.

Version 3.0C 27th December 2020
some small bug fixes and changes in the firmware.

Version 3.0B 22nd December 2020
couple of small bug fixes for back light and voicing CTCSS in channel details.

Version 3.0A 20th December 2020

It is recommended to download the new CPS. the firmware and voice prompts from this package.
New firmware upload sometimes needs to reset the options in the menu's you are warned and must hit OK to continue with the boot.
Bug in VFO Scanning frequency announcement corrected also now frequency is only announced continually in mode 3. In mode 1 and 2 you need to press SK1 to hear the announcement more than once.
 The S meter is now announced on the RSSI screen, maximum S9+10 in DMR and S9+60 in FM.
In the CPS boot screen you can now set Password protect with up to a 6 digit number which must be entered on the GD77 at boot time.